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Behind you, United Kingdom
Hi my name is louise, i have been crafting for just over a year now and love it I love decoupage and stamping.. love ATC'S Too but i'm just getting into fat pages And i love them even more ! just because they are bigger and you can decorate both sides Well thats it for now, please check back soon for updates xxx louise

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

No Go

Well i have been trying to upload some challenge pics but it's not working !!!
so not fair i had the same problem last week and I'm not the only one either !
I will just have to try later !!

Well i hope you all are well, I'm OK got my new keepsake board the other day, it is Grate !!
a lot better than there last two !!!! yippee hehe i cant wait to get the next one now, it comes out next month, then it will be 11 boards Wow 11 boards, You go glitter girls LOL

I'm still waiting for 5 delivery's the post is p****ng me off , one of the parcels i have been waiting for is like from 5 weeks ago ! and I'm still waiting for my create and craft member pack lol, well what can i expect !!, with them and the post combined i might get it in the new year lol

well take care and have a lovely day xx lou


Anne said...

Hi Lou glad ur ok thanks for the comments will be on the forum later on hope too catch u missing ya

Sally said...

Hello Lou, I got my new GG Board the other day too - its brilliant and I can't wait to see what the new on is either!

Andrea said...

Hope you'll be able to post your card soon, it seems blogger's been playing up for a few people, look forward to seeing them when you are able to put them on. Hope your post arrives soon it's so annoying isn't it

My Paper World said...

Do you have your cards on another site, or in a gallery?
Because you can use the web page address to load to blogger, as an option. I tried it when I couldnt post my pics last week and it worked. Good luck!

Anne said...

Hi Lou wasnt the deadline for ur cc challenge the 25th have emailed u please reply u sure ur ok

Andrea said...

Hi Louise I've just tagged you, check out my blog for details